Come and Play With Me

Jeffrey Pettijohn’s first collection of piano songs for children features 9 engaging pieces in various 5-finger positions. This collection is a perfect accompaniment to Faber’s Piano Adventures Primer Level.

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Melodic Development Ideas

Melodic development seems to be an elusive skill with which only the most gifted composers were familiar. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With this simple tool, one can spin out pages of development ideas and create an 8-measure melody in no time. The download is being offered for free for a limited time, so get it now.



Finally tells a story of the elation that one might experience when learning that a looming
disappointment will never come to pass. This early intermediate tune, in six-eight time, opens in dminor before modulating to D-major where it explodes with joy expressed in easily fingered, repetitive
scale passages that are accompanied by simple, yet effective, broken triad pattern.